World Wonder Day & 2017 Theme

This year’s World Wonder Day theme is Food and Hunger

Students will share what they wonder about food and huger in their area and in another part of the country or world.

On World Wonder Day  participants will connect via Skype with another class in the world. Students in each class will take turns responding, sharing, and answering the other class’s “wonders” and also celebrate one another’s success of learning together in order to make a positive impact on the world.

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By learning from each other, we can all make a difference.


World Wonder Day

I wonder…

What if…

What if students around the world were empowered to ask these questions? And what if, by doing so they were also empowered to make a positive impact on the world, both locally and globally?

This is the goal and purpose of World Wonder Day.

On December  12th, 2017, the third World Wonder Day will be celebrated.

On or around this day, students around the world will connect with a partner school (matched by the World Wonder Day team). They will share what they have learned about homelessness and homeless people, how it relates to what they are learning in school, how they have or will use what they have learned, and what they wonder about the same topic in the area of the world where they are connecting via Skype with their partner school. Classes will challenge each other to use what they have learned to make a positive impact on their community. They will share ideas, goals, differences, and commonalities.

They will change the world…by wondering…together. Because when kids wonder, wonders can happen.

Thank you

Thank you all for participating in World Wonder Day 2015.

We really hope that it was a great experience for you and that it has empowered your students.
We will email you in the following months to let you know about our next steps so as to celebrate World Wonder Day 2016 together! ! So stay tuned…

The World Wonder Day Team,

Stacey Ryan @sryanlr & Iro Stefopoulou @iro_st


Who- What-When & World Wonder Day


ALL ages and classes are welcome





What is the World Wonder Day?

The idea behind World Wonder Day is simple….

We all have questions that make us wonder and learning and discovering the answers together can help make a wonderful world. On World Wonder Day students around the world will connect, discuss and together find solutions and answers to their shared wonders which can make a difference in the world both locally and globally.

Here we will share with you some sample questions to help you get started and encourage your students to create and share their own…because when kids wonder, wonders can happen.